What Our Clients Are Telling Us

These are truly extraordinary times.  Every industry and every segment of society is being impacted like never before, and navigating this crisis will require extraordinary leadership, execution and support. 

In our daily calls with clients, we hear first about their focus on keeping everyone in their organizations safe and healthy, but they have concerns about mitigating the impact of the crisis and planning for recovery.  The concerns most frequently shared can be grouped into three categories:

  1. Business Continuity
  2. Supply Chain Risk Mitigation
  3. Cash Flow and Fast Procurement Savings

Business continuity requires having the right team in place – on location, and virtually – to execute critical efforts, and maintain essential functions and services.  But it also calls for unique skills needed during this crisis.

Supply chain risk mitigation as a strategic imperative has never been more important than today.  As with any crisis, this challenging time provides an opportunity to identify problem areas and develop plans and processes to mitigate them in the short term while planning for new paradigms in the mid- to long-term to reduce the impact of future disruptions. 

Fast procurement savings will ensure that the business will continue to perform well, cash flow will be managed, and sacrifices will be shared across the value chain.  Companies and their suppliers will share common interest in making business work as everyone recovers; however, capturing savings quickly in this environment will require deep expertise in key procurement categories, and strong ability to execute.

Since our start in 2003, we have worked with over 165 companies and organizations and help to deliver over 600 critical initiatives.  Our business model is based on bringing highly qualified project and interim experts from our network of 10,000+ independent professionals primarily focused on procurement, supply chain and operations – to address your critical resource needs – where, when and how you need them.  Our resource network is skilled in all areas – strategy, planning and execution.  We are ready to help.