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Client: Private Equity Portfolio Company
Objective: Recommend Warehousing and Logistics Solution
Timing: 4 Weeks
OnDemand Independent Expert: Manuel G., Member of the OnDemand Independent Talent Network since 2015

A portfolio company of a major private equity firm needed to quickly evaluate their logistics and warehousing operations to determine if significant opportunities could be achieved across several of their Midwestern plants. The portfolio company wanted to evaluate moving from a decentralized to a centralized warehousing solution – as long as the strategic shift would produce sufficient opportunities to offset any incremental investments or expense flows.

OnDemand helped our client engage partner Manuel, an independent consultant whose background was an ideal combination of premier consulting and very relevant industry experience. Manuel’s deep subject matter expertise in all aspects of supply chain made him the ideal candidate to help our client determine the size of the opportunity. Manuel quickly initiated a data request, visited plants, interviewed key stakeholders, and created a cost baseline model. Subsequently, he developed key hypotheses and alternative approaches to generating improvements in the client’s warehousing and logistics operations. Based on his analysis, he recommended a solution supported by a strong business case that highlighted a substantial savings opportunity, which he presented to the executive committee at the end of his 4-week engagement.

Our client appreciated Manuel’s expertise, work ethic and his terrific cultural fit. In addition, the client recognized OnDemand’s ability to quickly match them with an expert who could understand their business, effectively assess the situation and recommend a substantive solution – without the expense and overhead of engaging a traditional consulting firm.

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