Interim Manager

OnDemand has deployed Interim Managers for clients that are looking to drive change across various parts of their organizations and require a seasoned executive that “has been there, done that” for other clients.  Interim Managers engaged by OnDemand are typically seasoned independent executives with strong track record of driving positive change for organizations looking to address urgent and critical business need (significant operations issues that impact multiple functions, bankruptcy, mergers and acquisitions, etc.).  By engaging an Interim Manager via OnDemand Resources, our clients get:

  • Seasoned interim executive with strong track record of success
  • Experienced talent with background in dealing with challenging environments
  • Executive used to driving change in complex environments
  • High impact resource at fraction of cost and low level of risk compared to traditional alternatives

Our clients have deployed Interim Executives in various situations, with the most common examples as follows:

  • Interim C-level executive (Interim Chief Procurement Officer, Interim VP of SCM, etc.)
  • Interim executives tasked to drive specific change initiative mandated by company leadership
  • Hands on interim managers focused on delivering long term value for companies looking for scale up/ down flexibility as their business needs evolve and change

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