Complex PMO Implementation Delivered Significant Benefits To National Client

OnDemand recently completed a complex, nation-wide multi-project PMO implementation effort that produced significant benefits to our client, a national collision center chain.  As we see the business complexity only increasing, having strong external partner to successfully deliver critical initiatives, especially in time of uncertainty is paramount.  The following case study highlights the capabilities we brought to this client – let us know how we can help your organization.

Situation Overview:

National collision center chain with over 350 locations, a portfolio company of a major PE firm was pursuing aggressive growth strategy.  Executive leadership identified a host of strategic projects fundamental to this objective.  The company tapped OnDemand partner Allen Rupple to provide PMO leadership to ensure implementation success of program initiatives.

Key Focus Areas:

Over the course of the engagement, Allen led several key projects and many internal delivery teams across the following areas:

PRO MODEL – nationwide implementation of standardized 12-step repair operating model across all company locations.  Various internal teams were focused on implementing operating standards, store blueprinting, store facility prep, “to-be” process implementation and benefits tracking.

CENTRAL ESTIMATING – co-location of a specialized group of estimators providing support to all locations.  This move enabled local store advisors to be much more customer-focused and was the key to significantly increase productivity. 

CCC ONE REPAIR WORKFLOW – system-wide implementation of a new management system that streamlined the vehicle repair process to create a superior repair experience, strengthen relationship with insurance carriers and increase overall customer satisfaction.  The workflow provides a unified source and solution for the organization while eliminating many manual processes and duplicate entry/reconciliation required by multiple current, non-integrated systems.

BOS PILOT – establishment of store groupings to share expert resources to address key back office functions including closing files, managing receivables/payables and payroll.

Critical Success Factors:

Strategic Importance… The company, guided by their PE partner, was pursuing an acquisition growth strategy and having all shops embracing a common operating model was paramount.

Executive Sponsorship and Involvement… The strategic project portfolio was fully funded and a top priority.   Regular weekly 1-on-1 meetings with the COO and a 1.5 hour block of time reserved every Monday to provide an update at the Executive Steering Team meeting gave the initiative high visibility.

Strong PMO Leadership…  Having highly experienced external PMO lead able to work from the C-level to the shop floor, and able to bring innovative project management tools proved critical to the success.

Key Organization Resources Made Available… The aggressive implementation time-frame required the utilization of top level in-house talent to offset not using an external based consulting team.  All the identified resources (4 immediately, then 4 more staggered) were made available full-time to the project.

Transformation takes time… Everyone wants immediate results, but transforming the organization culture from a “task” orientation to a “contribution” orientation takes time.  Implementation sequence was adjusted and a balanced metric tracker developed (lead/lag metrics) to promote this transformation path.

Organization Involvement… Multiple levels of formal and informal communication to the organization were required and were incorporated throughout the transformation journey… CEO monthly updates, information sharing lunches, shop implementation success stories, etc.

Shop Implementation Readiness… It was imperative that ALL shops were ready given the aggressive sequence and timing of the implementation (PRO Model… up to 8 stores weekly and CCC ONE averaged 22 stores weekly).  Planning had to be over-emphasized and rehearsed via functional team meetings and Pilot efforts to ensure that EVERYONE was fully prepared. Separate work plans (Smartsheet) were detailed for the shop (350+ total shops) and corporate (functional teams) levels to ensure that everyone knew what had to be completed and the time-frame required for completion.

Celebrate successes… It’s important that the organization participates and relishes in the success of the effort.  Formally, this was achieved via communications (i.e. success stories) and informally via happy hour events.


Employee Productivity – over $12 million in realized benefits by Central Estimating team through increased store revenue, greater Service Advisor productivity, and the elimination of duplicate functions via better system integration.

Increase Vehicle Throughput – individual shop locations were able to increase monthly vehicle throughput by 10-20% without adding headcount.

Better Overall Customer Service Experience – significant increase in insurance carrier and end customer experience ratings within 6 months of implementation.

Improved Operating Efficiency – PRO MODEL and CCC ONE promoted formal QA checks, predictable flow and visual queuing that improved operations and quality, and decreased cycle time.

Allen – your leadership and guidance through all aspects of Pro Model has been invaluable. Thank you very much and I hope we have the opportunity to work together again soon.  You have become a part our company’s family and led us on our greatest initiative in our history.  Proud of our partnership and thankful for your work.


Meet Allen Rupple

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Allen is a seasoned, disciplined independent management consultant with business and technology experience delivering value, well implemented, to clients worldwide. He started his career at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) and has provided independent consulting services the past several years. Allen quickly builds senior executive relationships and moves from broad strategic outlook to operations detail with ease and is an expert in guiding companies through the business transformation journey. He has an extensive background in complex program management and the design and implementation of strategy, enterprise, and technology PMOs with a proven track record of working collaboratively across traditional boundaries solving complex operational, technical, and organizational issues. Allen has an excellent track record of delivering complex projects leveraging in-house talent, therefore reducing the overall client investment while also being more organizationally effective.   Allen received his undergraduate degree from the University of New Orleans, and an MBA from Texas Christian University.