2016 Hiring Trends: CIO Magazine Highlights the “Gig Economy”

Our team at OnDemand Resources was excited to come across this recent article from CIO magazine about the emerging “gig economy.”   Citing the changing needs of today’s workers, the war for talent and other factors, CIO states “the number of workers hired as freelance or contract workers has risen in the past two years, and it’s expected to increase.”   Since our inception in 2003, OnDemand and our many clients have long realized the value of an “on-demand” talent model: it’s the power and flexibility of having consistent access to just the right expert – when you need it.  Finding the right independent talent on your own isn’t as easy as it may seem.  Even with the advantages of social media and on-line job boards, locating the ideal resources can require a partner who has a keen understanding the industry and established relationships with the best independents.   OnDemand can quickly and effectively help you source top project and interim talent at a highly attractive value while mitigating the engagement risks that come with traditional consulting or the limits of going it alone.  Contact us to get started.