“By integrating our team of procurement subject matter experts with our client’s existing staff and structure, they were able to achieve a transformation that was not only highly impactful, but also much more cost effective, and more importantly, sustainable and true to the organization’s culture.”


Jan Malasek, Founder and CEO, OnDemand Resources, LLC



In 2013, one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies set out to completely transform their procurement organization.  The CEO hired a new CPO and her team from a preeminent pharmaceutical company and her mandate was clear:  create a sustainable organization and process that achieves significant savings in short order.  The team needed rapid results, but recognized they did not have enough talent and subject matter expertise in the confines of their own team to deliver.


Based on a previous positive experience, the CPO knew OnDemand could help by quickly assembling a team of high-quality experts that would seamlessly integrate with her own staff.   Within weeks, OnDemand created a custom resource plan and deployed 15 experts across various engagements.  The consultants were selected from OnDemand’s talent pool based on category expertise (direct and indirect) and other related skills (policy development, P2P, etc.) and experience level, and they filled the roles of interim directors, category managers, project managers and analysts.   The new combined team now had the specific expertise required to address immediate and mid-term strategic sourcing opportunities in areas including Marketing, IT, MRO, HR and R&D such as laboratory supplies and early clinical development.

OnDemand also set up and managed the PMO and quickly got to work alongside the existing staff on a multi-faceted approach that consisted of strategic sourcing, policy, process and technology enablement.   Using an established strategic sourcing process, the team analyzed the data, developed a strategy for the category, executed the competitive bidding process, negotiated with suppliers and set-up an on-going tracking system.  OnDemand’s resources also developed and deployed key processes in P2P.


The transformation generated multi-million dollar savings within a relatively short timeframe, contributing to the CEO’s goals of cost reduction, and ultimately increased profitability.  In addition, OnDemand helped create a sustainable environment for the long-term, and our resources were able to exit effortlessly – leaving the organization to a well-trained and highly capable staff.  OnDemand proved the ideal solution to provide high quality expertise with the flexibility and value required by our client.